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Human cryonization risks
Manu Herrán

[I]t is an elementary consequence of probability theory that even very improbable outcomes are very likely to happen, if we wait long enough. — Huw Price327 I have begun to consider that human cryonization has associated a high risk of extreme and lasting suffering. Imagine for a minute that cryonization works, and keeps the "I" alive, even ...

Life and consciousness: Phenomena originated by the electromagnetic unity?
Cornelio González Valdenebro

Greece, China and Minor Asia knew since very ancient times the stone called magnetite, name given to this mineral because it came from the Greek province called Magnesia, and which had the property of attracting or being attracted by iron. Around year 1300 b. C., the compass, legacy of the Chinese, -who used earth magnetism to orientate their ma...

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