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1Article consciousness in cognitive ethology
2Article between pleasure and pain
3Article short introduction to free will disillusion
4Article simple mystical explanation
5Article An old perspective
6Article Realism
7Article and Uniqueness
8Article is a masquerade, the show must go on
9Article as an Universal Process
10Article of the man
11Article ideas on Sentience Platonism
12Article to prioritize the reduction of suffering?
13Article to recognize sentience?
14Article cryonization risks
15Article of a plausible Sentience Platonism in the prevention of suffering
16Article, preferences, pain and suffering
17Article Life the Ultimate Value?
18Article isnít only humans who should eat in-vitro meat. A lot of suffering is on the line.
19Article for avoid existential and technological risks
20Article and consciousness: Phenomena originated by the electromagnetic unity?
21Article of existential alternatives to the sentient experience
22Article utilitarianism
23Article of Kin. What Chimpanzees Have Taught Me About Who We Are
24Article Qualia: The Future of Personal Identity
25Article the right of predators to life
26Article, coherence, and the strange spaces of sentiocentrism
27Article and altruism
28Article, empiricism and phantom extremities
29Article to reject veganism
30Article platonism
31Article that repels the attention
32Article is neither created nor destroyed, only revealed
33Article and ethics
34Article between emergentism and immersionism
35Article theory: Crisis and revolution
36Article to Michelangeloís David or how a mathematician killed Goliat
37Article hedonistic imperative
38Article Mindís Sky. Human Intelligence in a Cosmic Context
39Article radio metaphor explanation in the description of reality and subjectivity
40Article systems
41Article is a dream job?
42Article is real? The importance of point of view
43Article is Real? The subjective and the objective fact