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Synthetic theory: Crisis and revolution
Máximo Sandín

From the very start, Darwinist theory suffered from significant weaknesses acknowledged by its author. Both the observation of natural species and the evidence derived from the fossil record were in direct conflict with two of its core concepts, natural selection and gradual change, giving rise to problems that deeply troubled Darwin and some of...

Evolution as an Universal Process
Dott. Amrit Sorli

In the article Conservation/Entropy Domains of Free and Bound Energy, John A. Gowan says: Gravity conserves entropy; for example, in the cosmic gravitational collapse of the "Big Crunch", the total heat loss and entropy of the Universe is reversed; in such a case, the total entropy of the Universe sums to zero. Gravity replaces positive spati...

Evolution of the man

The human species is an animal species of Cordata type, Vertebrata subtype, Mammalian class, Primates order, Hominoidea superfamily, Hominida family, Homo genre, sapiens species. As we observed, it is an animal perfectly classified and placed in the taxonomic groups, according to its morphological and anathomical characteristics. The species...

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