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Ethics is a masquerade, the show must go on
Manu Herrán

Next I introduce the idea that ethics is a farce while there is genuine cooperation and altruism between individuals, and I make some proposals to maximize altruism, compatible with previous ideas.

Reasons to reject veganism
Manu Herrán

Reasons not to be vegan: Veganism? What’s this? I ‘ve never listened talking about that topic. Stop eating animals? What do you want, that I starve to death? What am I going to eat? I am an animal of the human specie, omnivorous, with a diet esentially omnivorous. My parents were omnivorous, my grandparents were omnivorous and most of the rest...

On the right of predators to life
David Olivier

It appears normal that the lion should eat the gazelle. But can a lion claim that the gazelle must donate her organs – in effect, her whole body – in order to fulfil her right to life? I don't see how this could be. Applying the standards we apply to humans, we should not kill the lions; but we should not let them eat the gazelles. If they canno...


    Is Life the Ultimate Value? A Reassessment of Ayn Rand’s Ethics
Ole Martin Moen

We all value things. For example, we value friendships, prosperity, and knowledge. These seem to be good things and things worthy of pursuit. They seem better and more worthy of pursuit, at least, than do their opposites: enmity, poverty, and ignorance. A notable fact about the things we consider valuable is that most of them appear to be valua...

Animal consciousness in cognitive ethology
Goizane Rodriguez Barroso

In the second half of the 20th century non human animal behavior started to be studied in cognitive terms. Comparative psychologists and ethologists studied perception, learning, categorization, memory, spatial cognition, numerosity, communication, language, social cognition, theory of mind, causal reasoning, and metacognition in non human anima...

Value systems
Manu Herrán

Value systems respond to the question "What is important?". Depending on the value systems that we prioritize, we will have one answer or another to moral issues. Value systems are those underlying principles that define and ethical considerations, and can not be (and therefore should not be) explained by others. I agree with Brian tomasik that...

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